Can I select the input from the front of the Auto Transfer Switch?

No, the Vertiv Geist Auto Transfer Switch input sources are not selectable.  The ‘A’ input should be connected to the primary power source, with the ‘B’ input being connected to the secondary source.

What is the expected operational life expectancy of the Auto Transfer Switch?

The Auto Transfer Switch has been designed with a life expectancy of 100,000 operations. Within a Data Center environment this would be considered a life time warranty for the switching system.

What is the warranty of the Auto Transfer Switch?

Units without a local display have a lifetime warranty. Units with the local display have a 3 year warranty.

What indications do I have on the Auto Transfer Switch?

The Auto Transfer Switch unit has LEDs on the front of the unit to show which source (A or B) is being used at the moment and what sources are available (A/B). With the local display option you get the ability to see either Volts/Amps/Watts or Power Factor when using the Power Meter, or Amps only when using the Current Meter option.

What is Phase Synchronization?

Phase synchronization is the process by which two or more cyclic signals tend to oscillate with a repeating sequence of relative phase angles.

What happens if my inputs are not synchronized?

If the input sources are not synchronized it could lead to damaging the relay causing the unit to fail. It could also lead to an upstream breaker sensing a fault condition and opening the circuit.

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