Zeroing in on Sustainability: Enhancing Efficiency While Maintaining Resiliency

Today, there is new urgency around data center sustainability brought about by the intersection of the industry’s ever-increasing demand for data and maturing technologies that are reaching their efficiency limits. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are seeking ways to address these challenges in environmentally friendly ways.

For example, hyperscale data center operators like Microsoft and Google, are pushing forward with ambitious sustainability goals around renewable energy sources and water-efficient technologies.

Like these sustainability leaders, all data center operators can and should take action.

This white paper is designed to update you on current developments related to the following strategies and thus help you employ a multi-faceted approach to data center sustainability.

  • Increasing the efficiency and utilization of power systems
  • Replacing water-intensive systems with water-efficient technologies
  • Supporting high-density racks with liquid cooling
  • Reducing dependence on carbon-based fuels by transitioning to locally generated renewable energy

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